Dealing with overwhelming debt in Lexington? Get out of it with these tips!

by Sep 21, 2022

Do you have debt that you need to pay off quickly but don’t have the funds to do so? We’re here for you. In this article, we’ll be discussing our top ways to get out of debt fast in Lexington, KY.

Debt Relief

To get out of debt fast in Lexington, many people turn to debt relief organizations to help them get their finances in order. Debt relief organizations make big promises to help with issues like debt repayment, but you need to be careful of them. When you choose to deal with a debt relief organization, they will directly coordinate with your creditors on your behalf to try and settle your debt or alter its conditions. For a fee, of course.

Approaching a debt relief organization

Clients may be urged to cease paying their bills by the debt relief organization in order to boost a creditor’s openness to negotiate. However, this will result in late fees, interest charges, and other fines that raise debt and damage credit scores.

Expect to talk about your debt consolidation, property address, any credit counseling, the actual amount of debt, and any other property owners you might be in contact with. Debt settlement isn’t easy, and you might have to even approach real estate agents if the organization tells you that you may need to sell your Lexington property.

There are instances when working with them can cause more harm than good. Before working with one, make sure you understand all the risks involved.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy might be an effective solution for those who are in debt. It inhibits the majority of legal actions, wage garnishments, and other collection efforts. Additionally, it eliminates a variety of debts, such as personal loans, credit card debt, and more.
People who are overwhelmed by debt can eliminate certain debts and start over financially by filing for bankruptcy. The two most common bankruptcy filing options, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, both have their own advantages and, in some situations, handle debt and property in different ways. Your goals, property, and income will determine which chapter is best for you.

Types of bankruptcy

The two types operate quite differently.

If you’re behind on payments, Chapter 7 won’t help you keep your property because it’s largely for low-income registrants. But you can benefit from Chapter 13’s additional advantages if you have enough money to pay at least something toward your debts.

If filing for Chapter 13, your unsecured obligations would probably need to be repaid in part over the course of a three to five-year repayment plan. But after you’ve finished your repayment plan, you receive a discharge of any unpaid unsecured debt that’s left.

Sell Your Lexington Home

Since homes are often the biggest investments, they can fetch a pretty penny if you want to get cash quickly. That’s why many people opt to sell their Lexington homes to reliable local Lexington home buyers and use the cash offer to pay their debts fast. If you decide to sell your home through a local real estate agent, keep in mind that it may not be as quick as you think. If you’re trying to beat the clock, this may put you in a crunch.

The Lexington housing market is unpredictable, and real estate investors will clearly be on the lookout to buy Lexington houses fast. Some of them will want a tight closing date, open house, and inspection period before they make a decision. You can find yourself faced with time consuming expense after expense when you just want a fair offer immediately. Houses in Lexington, KY have competitive owners, so you want to be able to sell your house fast to keep up.

If you want to sell your Lexington home fast and would rather not go through the hassle of selling it through a real estate agent, you can always opt to sell directly to a professional home buyer. Professional cash buyers have the financial capability to buy your property in cash, which is great news if you’re the right buyer who happens to be in debt with an unwanted house. Additionally, transacting with professional home buyers means the chances of the deal slipping through are slim to none.

Cash home buyers are flexible because their clients’ financial situation usually isn’t the best. They specifically look for Lexington houses that fall under the following descriptors:

  • Fire damaged
  • Burdensome houses
  • Vacant house
  • Fair price properties
  • Inherited property
  • and more.

Get reliable home buyers looking to buy houses in Lexington by offering them a cash offer they can’t refuse.


Sell your Lexington house to a cash home buyer

If you live in Lexington, Kentucky, and are interested in selling your home, we can help here at Rylo Homes. We are a real estate solutions company that specializes in solving your real estate problems for you. We are cash home buyers in Lexington, KY, and will act as your personal guide during your home selling process. Sell your house to us, and we’ll give you a cash offer that’s 100% suited to your property.

Lots of people want to buy houses in Lexington without fuss. No need to worry about all the stress that comes with a lengthy process, agent’s fees, and dealing with the unwanted property when you can be selling directly to a fully private company. Fast closing won’t be an issue, too.
Monthly payment schemes, property information, and a fair offer can be discussed. We’re all about helping homeowners get the fair cash offer they need, so you can sell your house fast with us today.

Benefits of selling fast

Our goal at Rylo Homes is to improve the overall quality of housing for the residents at Lexington, KY. We buy houses in just about any condition and situation, including foreclosure, late mortgage payments, or fair market value. When you choose to sell your house fast, you don’t have to wait weeks and months just to get good offer. You can expect a fair cash price by leaving a traditional sale and traditional buyers behind.

We’re direct buyers and we pay in cash to arrange a quick close. For more information about our home buying process, give us a call at (502) 513-4430 today and give us your property address. The fast response form on our website can also get you selling your house fast in no time.

We Buy Houses Fast For Cash

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